An Update with Kate – The Things that Scare Me

hey, all!

  1. the future
  2. failing
  3. getting old
  4. public speaking
  5. clowns

what do all of these things have in common? well, i am deathly (haha get it) afraid of all of these things.

so let me explain

i feel like i have alot of fears these days, and mostly future based because of my status at the end of my junior year and basically my future just always ahead of me.

so i actually wanted to go one by and explain why the thing scares me

here we go!

#1: the future

well it scares be because i am a control freak, plain and simple. i always like to know what is going on, what is happening next and the craziness of life is that you never really know what is happening next, although you can make plans, plans always change and the world is affected by people’s decisions and by that, everything changes.

right now, my irrational fear of the future is rooted in college. i see all of the seniors at my school heading to schools like yale and berkeley and my blogger friend paulina going to holy cross, and i am just freaked out that i won’t get in anywhere, even though i know i am unique and have many things to offer but i am still freaked out.

#2: failing

this one i also feel like is connected to the future. i just am afraid of not being perfect. as you know, as well as being a control freak i am a perfectionist. i hate knowing that i make mistakes and although i make a lot i am trying to be okay with small mistakes once in awhile.

#3: getting old

serious FOMO here. i mean there is something about knowing you have had a great life, but i am afraid that i will have regrets and when i get old i will never be able to experience things the way i would before

#4: public speaking

i have never been a great public speaker. this year in trying to branch out i have pushed myself to try new things. i ran for my student class rep, and although i lost my election i think that by practicing my public speaking i not only made myself less nervous about it in a whole, but also more comfortable with my class.

#5: clowns

this is a more solid fear. i just feel that clowns are scary and movies like “it” do not help with this at all

i hope you enjoyed this personal post!

let me know some of your fears in the comments down below!


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