April Month in Review

hey all!

april has been a short month y’all. busy and short, not the way you want it.

well, here we go then!

for food!

i tested out making macarons – and yet again i failed. apparently, i overbeat my egg whites so when my macarons came out they were hollow.

i enjoyed some fosselman’s matcha green tea ice cream after my college night – which by the way was awesome! (the college night, although the ice cream was awesome too!)

we also celebrated just the beginning of spring by going to maccheroni republic downtown across from the grand central marketplace. i had some pesto ricotta spaghetti which was amazing.

in life,

this month i also had my junior ring night. my sister came down from usc, which isn’t actually that far to give me my ring, so now we are matching. my friends and i also took a lot of photos around the school.


i also had prom! i wore a bill levkoff dress from nordstrom which i absolutely loved in black and white! you all can see more prom pictures on my instagram page!



easter was this month! i celebrated easter weekend with my family as usual.

i really enjoyed an extended relaxation time which i had during break.

i have just realized over this month that i am ready for it to pass. i am ready for summer to come and the school year to be over.

i hope you enjoyed!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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