INTRO: Super Summer Series!

hey all!

in a break from my crazy schedule (i am almost done with school!) i had a dream, you know when i sleep for like 6 hours a night. i dreamed of blog posts – i know how that sounds, but its truly what i dream about, blog posts and food- i dreamed of a series that i could share with y’all… i know that you see the title but i have a special surprise for y’all!!

today i am introducing my new series:

its called…

the super summer series!

now to tell you want this entails!

for this series, i am planning to write posts for every few days posting days (that means saturday, tuesday or thursday) on something summer this during this may and into june and july for y’all to see and enjoy!

whether its bathing suits, beach books or my summer bucket list, it will coming your way this summer via posts that you will be VERY seeing soon!

i myself am very excited for all of the posts that will be creating for y’all and i hope you are doing well right now!

have a great day!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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