My Birthday – In Review

hey all!

so just IN CASE you weren’t aware, my 17th birthday was last tuesday ( i still cannot believe that i am 17 but okay)!

so today, in continuative celebration of my birthday, i wanted to tell you how my birthweek went!

here we go!

my birthday!

i came to school and a ton of my friends surprised me with different gifts and such!

i was so happy to walk up to my locker and see it all decorated with both good and terrible pictures of me, either in my prime as a child or looking a whole lot better now! i am so thankful for everyone at my school who just walked up and said happy birthday because it really made my day! i mean an all girls school is really an awesome community anyway but anything like that can make it even better!

i came home and my parents got me a spiralizer – i can say because i have already used it twice i am in love with my kitchen aid spiralizer, it comes with a few blades and i am a fan of cooking, and health food so i am super excited for using this more! and you all better believe that i will be sharing some spiralizer recipes soon!

i got these super cool handmade cards with a really cool wrapping paper that a friend MADE FOR ME!! they are so cool and all y’all understand my stationery love so it was really meant to be!


the rest of the week was so-so because i was bus studying for my ap test.

this week i am still studying for another AP test but i am almost done, which will be so nice!

i hope you enjoyed!

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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