Super Summer Series! : My Summer Plans

hey all!

whats up?

i cannot believe its already the middle of may! its kinda crazy to believe that in just a few weeks i will be a senior! ahhh i cannot believe i am so old!!

so onto the post! today i wanted to share with y’all some of the plans i had for things i either had or wanted to do this summer!

let’s go why don’t we!

  1. working! WORKING 9-5 what a way to make a living! of course 9-5 are not my hours but i will be working this summer like i did last summer at my school helping out. i just love waking up early so that i have something to do for the day and i start my day off well!
  2. swimming & relaxing! i want some time to swim, although i am not a great swimmer i would love to be better and practice because swimming is a great exercise as well!
  3. blogging! of course i will be blogging all summer. i will be sharing cute summer outfits, to preparing for school, continuing to explore colleges and such and such!
  4. exploring la! i am planning on in the afternoons getting active and being able to explore some cool new places with my family. some of these will come soon on a post for bucket list!
  5. taking photos! have you seen my instagram lately! i am loving it so i will keep sharing photos on the ‘gram as well as sharing more on the blog almost weekly! i am so excited for more pretty photos coming soon!
  6. helping my sister make films! my sister goes to film school at usc, and makes some pretty cool films, in which you can see here! and i am gonna be an actress for her this summer, we will see how this goes!
  7. keeping active! i am planning for weekly hikes this summer as well as my morning runs and other fun classes and videos to follow! i am gonna keep my cool and try new things which is very exciting!
  8. preparing my portfolio! i am taking ap studio art next school year and i am very excited, but also very nervous. i am ready and not ready but i am very excited to continue to do art, which i really love to do!
  9. touring and exploring colleges online! i am going on a little tour of the colleges around the area and i am gonna do some exploring online because many schools have like a google maps things where you can electronically see more schools!
  10. doing homework! i have a lot to prepare for being a senior, especially ap lit and for ap gov so i am planning to study and of course, do my khan academy math homework.
  11. test prep! i am gonna continue to prepare for my college process!

i hope you enjoyed!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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