Super Summer Series! : Summer Playlist

hey all!

its soooo hot here in pasadena it totally feels like summer already – even though we have almost another MONTH till summer officially starts- ugh!! i am already feeling the summer lag and don’t want to take my finals – which are next week and of which i only have 3 (thank you AP classes!)- but i am super excited to be done with school because that only means MORE BLOGGING! and more fun adventures to post about and of course more time just lounging and relaxing in the sun!

since i was feeling those summer blues i thought, what better than making a summer playlist perfect for pool parties, lounging, sitting on the couch eating chips (i don’t lie, sometimes this is how i feel on 90 degree days) or exercise!

so without further ado – here it is!

and follow it and subscribe – because if you are not yet subscribed to my spotify you are missing my jams that i often blog to- or blog about!

i hope you enjoy the playlist as you start your summer journey as much as i did making it – and as the summer goes along i will be adding more summer jams and pump ups for y’all to hear!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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