Super Summer Series: Reading List

hey all!

happy thursday!

i cannot believe its already may 25th and man i have finals next week! but once i am done with finals i can relax and start reading! speaking of reading, today i wanted to share my summer reading list picks – what i want to read, or what i am reading along with their amazon links which if you wanted to, you could purchase the books!

lets get started why don’t we!

#1: big little lies by liane moriarty



the book that the hbo show featuring reese witherspoon and shailene woodley was based on. okay, so my sister made me start watching the show, and she left – along with her HBO password – on a trip so unfortunately i am stuck on the second episode. NO SPOILERS! but i have really wanted to read the book because the show – even though i am only on the first episode – is so good! i am very much looking forward to finish watching it so i can read it!

#2: almost adulting by arden rose 



arden rose, one of my favorite beauty and lifestyle vloggers to watch on youtube came out with this book earlier this year which is called almost adulting. arden writes a candid guide of different things you may experience as an adult like making internet friends and making sure you are eating enough protein! along with its cute cover, this looks like an interesting and an educating read!

#3: rich people problems by kevin kwan



the 3rd book of kevin kwan, following his popular books crazy rich asians and china rich girlfriend (both of which i have read & highly suggest reading if you have not yet) comes this book, rich people problems, following the story of a family who is in a crazy fight over land while their grandmother dies – leaving a large plot of land behind her. this book looks so good and i am so excited to read it!

#4: the handmaid’s tale by margaret atwood



so, i have read this one before but i am reading again for my ap lit class which i will be taking in the fall. i am in love with this book and if you have seen – or haven’t yet seen (i am so excited to watch it but i am waiting still school gets out) you should read the book. especially if you are a dystopian fan or liked 1984 or brave new world, the vibes are totally similar but – in my opinion – the handmaid’s tale is more relatable because its a story of women, rather than men.

#5: blink by malcolm gladwell



in my ap lang class at the end of the year – like two weeks ago we had book presentations on a free reading book in which we picked, one of the girls in my class picked blink. when she started talking i thought the book would be boring because – hello its non-fiction! but while listening this book seems interesting and something that i want to learn about! blink basically explains how we, humans, think without thinking, crazy i know but i am so excited to read it!

i hope y’all enjoyed my post today – if you have read any of these books, or are interested in reading these books, comment down below so we can start a little book club conversation!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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