May Month in Review

hey all!

we are now taken to the end of may! i cannot believe it! its the last day, today i have a math final today – so wish me luck! i am happy and sad may is over – because my birthmonth is now officially over, but school is also over! i am mostly sad because in a few days all of my senior gals are graduating and officially leaving the days of high school and headed to their prospective colleges – believe me i am happy because of their success, but i will really miss them next year and that also means my class (the class of 2018) takes our role as seniors!

here we go with the month in review!

as you all should know, i had my 17th birthday! the year was all kinda a crazy whirlwind, i cannot believe i am 17 and i often still even tell people that i’m 16! it’s crazy! 

my sister went on a overseas trip and came back within this month! she had an amazing experience from what she had told me thus far. i am glad she came home safely and with great and intresting new experiences. 
 i went on a hike with some old and new friends on one of the hottest days of the early summer so far, it was so hot but once we go i makde it all worth it!

 i got new artwork done and am working on more for the summer! 

i hope you enjoyed this little post! i mean besides my birthday, this month was filled with a ton of studying and prep for the end of the school year which is not too off now! 


kate wins!



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