Things I am Looking Forward to In June 

hey all! 

today is my last day of finals! yay woot woot, once i am completed with my last test my junior school years is OVER! it’s so crazy to think by this time next year i will be GRADUATING! i truly cannot believe it! 

anyway, lets get to what i am looking forward to in june! 

  1. getting a nice summer pedicure! 
  2. finally getting to watch the handmaids tale after my school is over!
  3. feeling the burn of working out x6 per week! 
  4. getting more opportunities to go out places! 
  5. taking more pictures! 
  6. trying out blogilates 28 day reset plan! 
  7. trying out new workout videos in my house! 
  8. looking outside at the blooming plants in my backyard! 
  9. more summer pool parties! 
  10. less worrying about chemistry! 
  11. doing college test prep review and starting my college personal statement! 

i hope you guys enjoy my tiny post! 


kate wins! 


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