Cult Gaia Ark Bag

hey all!

i am not sure if you are following me on instagram or not (if not you are missing a ton! follow me here!) but i recently posted a photo of my new cult gaia ark bag! i was fortunate enough that my sister was able to come across the bag for me and cannot be more grateful for the gift for me because i had been absolutely obsessing over it – i mean its even my phone background (you can download mine here!) – so since i am so obsessed with my cult gaia ark bag i wanted to share my favorite photos i have taken yet of my ark bag!

here we go!


besides how cute it is, the bag is totally easy to carry – and allows you to carry less items – because you can see through the purse, and you would not really wanna carry a ton of things – along with the sheer size of the purse is truly not very big.


the ark bag has been named the ‘bag of the summer’ – i can totally tell why because its totally got a summer picnic feel.


the cult gaia ark bag was modeled after a japanese picnic bag and the straw and basket bags are truly coming back into style these days – i especially love this j.crew one and this mariella vilar one.


interested in purchsing the cult gaia ark bag?

just visiting? click here!

ready to buy? click here!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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