The Rainbow Connection

hey all!

whats up with you? so far this summer i have ran errands, gotten rid of all of my past year’s noetbooks and binders as well as gotten together somethings in my closet that no longer fit, or somethings that i no longer like wearing. i think its important to go through all of your stuff every few months in order to keep the stuff that you need – however now that i believe this, i am gonna be honest with you i have not done any cleaning in my room in quite a few months but its important that i do it now because before i go to college i need to get my stuff together!

anyway, besides my errands and cleaning i was fortunate enough to be able to take a trip down to paul smith’s pink wall while it is painted as a rainbow wall for now! lets get started why don’t we!


topshop denim skirt / adidas silver superstars / cult gaia ark bag / astr off the shoulder top / illesteva sunglasses / pink leather fitbit alta band

i wore this just adorable topshop embroidered denim skirt, it is so adorable – and super easy to wear – to buy any of the aspects of my look, click the links above to shop and let me know if you like the look!

i hope you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)






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