Macarons and Must Haves: Blogging tips

hey all!

i have been a blogger for almost 3 years now, crazy i know it. its actually insane to think that i started this blog as a freshman in high school and i am about to be a senior in high school and i am moving on with my life, but its really amazing to think that i will always have this platform, macarons and must haves as a support system, a place to share my feelings and such as well as my favorite fashion items and looks that i love!

so on with the actual post at hand, today i thought because i think that i might have enough experience to share some of my favorite blogging tips! here we go!

#1: find your niche, what you love to write about

so most blogs have a niche, a simple theme in which they mostly post about. macarons and must haves started as a preppy fashion blog but as i go i think its turning into a personal fashion and style blog sharing my favorite lifestyle stuff. by finding your niche i think that its much easier to write and find other people that share your niche!

#2: meet other bloggers create an online connection

in connection to your niche, and finding others who fit your niche you will find bloggers that you love. contact contact contact! i think its always important to get into contact with people who might share your interests because you can make some super amazing friends in the process where you can ask them questions or ask for advice or to simply just be able to talk about life.

#3: join some blogger groups

i absolutely love the hercampus blogging network as well as some facebook groups that i am a part of.  these groups are awesome because its a really easy way to make more blogger friends and come up with new ideas and share common problems that you might have. its awesome to have a support group and there are many awesome ones to find online.

#4: create easy graphics with canva

canva is one of my favorite websites out there. if you have ever seen my graphics on my posts (like the one that tops this post) they are from canva, polyvore or i have made them on adobe indesign. canva is super easy because it is free and there are many graphics to easily design with on the site! its super awesome to be able to make adorable graphics in a good amount of time.

#5: write often and write with passion

one of the most important things for me has been writing 3 times a week. i think writing so often, on a schedule has really kept me going, i think that without 3 times a week i would have gone long stretches without posting, and i am so glad that i made a schedule. i think another important aspect of blogging is writing with passion. you must have passion, unless you can never keep writing.

i hope you enjoy my tips today, and if you are looking for more blogging tips you can follow my pinterest board down below!

have a great day!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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