My Favorite Summer Skincare

hey all!

i don’t know about y’all, but usually for summer my skin is like the firey pits of heck – to say lightly. summer = a ton of sweat, therefore a ton of oil and from that a ton of filled pores and forehead acne – which i have all the time. but i have been on this diet and my forehead acne is finally disappearing – and i think my typical products are actually helping my acne stay away, which is amazing!

but onto my favorite skincare, here we go!

  1. boscia charcoal mask: charcoal is amazing for skin, as we have known time and time again, helping clear the skin of toxins.
  2. bare republic sunscreen: with this formula for baby smooth skin, its made with shea for extra moisture!
  3. fresh sugar lip balm: summer – one of the dry seasons of the year, strangely this summer my skin hasn’t been too dry, but my lips are totally dry! its insane, so lip scrubs really are perfect!
  4. garnier skinactive micellar water: micellar water is absolute magic for taking makeup off your face – super easy and a great formula that feels super lightweight.
  5. mario badescu glycolic foaming cleanser: i got a sample set as a gift for my birthday of mario badescu products for acne, and this product was in it! not only is it an amazing product but it also lasts a long time!
  6. milk matcha green tea toner: matcha, as great as it is for your body – on the inside – it is also amazing for the skin care and is great for pores!
  7. milk cooling water: produces all day moisture without the heaviness of a typical primer which should keep from cake-iness you may feel typically in summer.
  8. supergoop everyday sunscreen: supergoop sunscreen is amazing for everyday, i am sure i have told you before, but its very important to wear sunscreen daily and this one is perfect!
  9. fresh sugar lip balm: as i said before, dry lips = painful, this helps fight the pain of my dry lips during the summer!
  10. mario badescu rosewater spray: this is apparently an amazing product, moisturizing and completely gentle and not irritating.
  11. ursa major face wash: although this product is for men it is supposed to be amazing – and the scent is supposedly pretty friendly!
  12. clinique oil blotting sheets: you know, summer = heat = sweat =oil and how do you get rid of oil? of course use oil blotting sheets!
  13. smashbox photo finish primer: this is a truly amazing any time of year primer – super loose and amazing.
  14. glossier cloud paint: this product is an amazing color and can be used on lips or on cheeks!

enjoy these products and check them off if they seem interesting to you!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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