June Month in Review

hey all!

how was your june overall? mine was pretty good, or as my sister might say it was “dank” – which is her synonym for cool. i was pretty busy out and about and i did my 28 -day reset – which was both good and bad at the same time. it was really awesome getting used to exercise everyday – yet i REALLY miss pizza and pasta, but i have realized i cannot eat like that lall the time, which is sad because food like that is so good.

but lets get onto the fun stuff!

early this month, i went down to melrose and to the rainbow wall! i shared my outfit here, on my post called rainbow connection.

i did another day of exploring with my dad in LA. we took my metro down to dtla and went to the new intercontiental hotel – the new korean air building the tallest building in downtown LA. we also went to the public library, the biltmore, the bonaventure and the bradbury building. we ate at this awesome place called little sister – i had such a kick out of it because i am the little sister! we also stopped at our favorite coffee place called blue bottle coffee.

i also got a new bullet journal – because i filled up my last one! i have a totally new layout and i am kinda in love with it!

i celebrated national wear your lilly day in the only lilly pulitzer dress that still fits me – and it barely fits me! #fitnessprogress

FullSizeRender 11

i hope you enjoyed my june review! did you have a good month? leave me a comment and tell me how you’ve been!


kwe monogram



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