What’s in My Beach Bag 2017

hey all!

i went to the beach a few weeks ago and realized, man i haven’t shared with you my beach bag favorites! so i guess its time, considering that its finally july but there is still more time to hit the beach!

lets get started why don’t we!!

  1. blue pom-pom straw bag  or rebecca minkoff straw tote bag: straw bags are totally cool this year – this super chic rebecca minkoff embroidered tote is perfect for the summer heat out at the beach.
  2. s’well water bottle: so i have talked about s’well many times before, but s’well bottles are super amazing because they keep water – or any other drink you may have cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours! perfect to keep yourself hydrated at the beach or near the pool! i also recommend a hydroflask for a bottle that is similar to a s’well but in larger sizes.
  3. lilly pulitzer beach towel: so obviously #summerinlilly is the mentality for all of the summer – easy ways to put lilly into your summer life is a lilly pulitzer beach towel, this one on the link is super cute!
  4. flight 001 wet bathing suit bag: if there is one thing i hate about the beach its staying in a wet swimsuit – or carrying my wet swimsuit home in my adorable beach bag! now there is a solution to this problem! flight 001 made a wet bathing suit bag to use for all summer – and all future summers! exciting exciting!
  5. bare republic sunscreen: as a ~light skinned easily sunburned~ girl i know the need for sunscreen! but my mom has always told me that sunscreen is important to wear everyday. bare republic -you can buy it at target or online through the link- is a super amazing sunscreen and is not too heaving for your face and definitely does not get stuck in your pores! i love the one for babies – i know, i know, i’m not a baby but its perfect for sensitive skin – and really not too expensive!
  6. gold haviannas flip flops: almost every summer i have turned back to my trusty pair of gold havianas *keep in mind my shoes haven’t changed sizes since i was 12 – i am 17 now* and unfortunately last summer they finally broke, i was able to find some of these at my local nordstrom rack – for a sale price!!! – and i had been waiting so long to wear my favorite flip flops again – and let me tell you, these will probably last me another 5 years!
  7. rayban icon 50mm sunglasses: or rayban blue aviator sunglasses: sunglasses are amazing for summer – and so necessary! even though i don’t have either of these sunglasses – i have been coveting these for awhile and i just had to share some of my favorites!
  8. big little lies novel: i talked about watching the hbo show of big little lies in this post, and i think that the novel would be an amazing beach read just sitting in the sun and laying on the sand!

i hope you all enjoy my picks!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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