How I Take my Coffee

hey all!

so i love coffee. its a new love affair. i used to just order fancy coffee drinks with loads of sugar – like frappuccinos – which i no longer drink, which is probably better for my physical health. but i truly learned the respect of black coffee, which i had always loved the smell of but refused to drink because “it’s bitter.” then i turned 17, and had real coffee, real, REALLY amazing coffee like from blue bottle coffee and other cool places in la and i realized that coffee is amazing.

i thought this would be a really fun post to write about how i ‘take’ my coffee, or in fewer words, how i order my coffee. here we go why don’t we!!

no decaf – ever

yeah just no decaf. i don’t really know why, but to me it truly makes no difference, and decaf almost tastes wrong to me. i have done ~many~ experiences testing myself on this coffee at night and have found for me a HEFTY sleeper it truly makes no difference and doesn’t affect my sleep in any bad ways.



with almond milk – only regular in a latte – or no milk at all

yeah, i am pretty sure i’m lactose intolerant. i am not gonna explain what milk does to me because thats not so cute but i am in loooove with almond milk. i will only suffer through future milk problems if its in a latte. like almond milk is popular and can be found in many places so i haven’t yet found any issues finding it, but i know, if i do i will skip the milk.


no sugar added

good coffee needs no sugar. i think the first time that i felt like i didn’t have to add sugar into coffee was my first latte at blue bottle coffee. sugar – i learned during my 28 day reset is not really necessary in anything anyway so its so much healthier without sugar anyway!


iced or hot

either iced or hot coffee i am not too particular. i love both and on any day i could honestly have either – it really depends on how i feel on my day to day coffee ordering.



lattes – cold brew – iced coffee

this is my list. lattes are always my first choice. something about the foam and the espresso all together makes me so happy.  then cold-brew because i love how strong the coffee is especially when its iced! then iced coffee is my third choice. iced coffee is perfect with almond milk on a day when you plan on drinking quickly – because as soon as the ice melts all it tastes like is water!


if i make it at home – french press

for father’s day, we got my dad a french press. although i have only used the press a few times i really love the strength of the coffee. we use this french press (from amazon!)and use 1/2 cup of fresh coffee grinds to 3 cups of water! it makes some amazing hot coffee!!

i hope you enjoy!

let me know down in the comments how you ‘take’ your coffee!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)






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