#NSALE Secrets

hey all!

i think my favorite time of the year by far is the nordstrom anniversary sale time. i mean who can beat amazing prices on NEW items for the fall season – stuff that hasn’t been out before and some awesome brands with some of their best items in new colors or sizes, or shapes that are not only new and fresh but also classic favorites that are perfect.

so basically, the pre-sale starts on thursday july 13th and that day i will be sharing my favorites of the #nsale that day and i will also have a perpetual tab up top on my blog with my favorite items so that you can always shop my favorites with easier access!

so here we go with the secrets!

#1: look for new items in your favorite brands:

say you love hunter boots, you need a new pair, the #nsale is the perfect time to buy them! they are probably a little different than the typical classic hunter boot, like the ones i bought last year had little buckles on them, they would be more expensive typically but they are a great deal considering that hunter boots don’t typically go on sale, especially into the time that you may need them!

kate spade is also great to buy during the #nsale because new styles for cheaper prices and they are the same quality and types that you can only typically buy at nordstrom, and after the end of the sale, the prices go back up to full price!

#2: sign up for the nordstrom card and you can start shopping on july 13th:

simple, you can sign up, literally the day of the sale and still get the amazing deals early! the early access is amazing because not only you get to skip ahead but you make sure you have the items that you wanted at the sale!

#3: make sure to shop by august 6th:

on august 7th prices go back to full price, so its super awesome if you can get your fall items with those amazing prices.

i hope you enjoy and use some of my tips and i hope you are ready for the sale and most of all, happy shopping!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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