Summer Nail Polish Colors

hey all!

happy sunday! i am chugging along with my summer nicely – and its almost halfway over! crazy crazy crazy! this past week has been insane since the nordstrom sale started – you can check out my picks here. so today, in full out summer i am sharing my summer nail polish favorites! i am loving these colors for summer and i am totally ready to share them with you!

here we go!

  1. sally hansen ‘glow with the flow’ color therapy nail polish:  this metallic color is so amazing! fade proof, chip resistant and helps to naturally nourish your nails with an amazing color. at $6.59 a pop its a great deal for a good nail polish – they have it in 30 colors but I love this “glow with the flow” metallic one.
  2. ten over ten ‘essex’ nail polish : this blue color is classic and totally reminds me of the perfect beach day! the blue color entitled “essex” is available at amazon with some pretty amazing reviews!
  3. smith & cult ‘the bee side’ nail lacquer:  this yellow nail polish called ‘the bee side’ is a totally amazing not too highlighter-y nail polish for summer. i feel that this color totally goes with the sun and can be paired with many pastel colors! and its low in stock so make sure to get it soon!
  4. essie ‘beauty nap’ gel color : i have yet to try essie’s gel polish color but i have heard amazing things about it. this slightly  green / blue color is perfect for any activities.
  5. essie ‘peach side babe’ nail polish: peach is one of the perfect colors for summer. i have yet to find a situation where this peach nail polish isn’t perfect. essie is amazing nail polish at a good price point.
  6. ariel gordon ‘candy crush’ glitter nail polish:this glitter polish is the perfect top coat and accessory coat to put over any of these colors. i love glitter coats because they add a little special aspect to your day looking at the nails!
  7. deborah lippman ‘pink cadillac’ nail polish: this color totally reminds me of my barbie dream car with a little hot tub in the back. i absolutely loved my barbie car and this nail polish will be an amazing nostalgic reminder of my younger days!
  8. chanel ‘COQUILLAGE’ nail lacquer: another peach tone on my list. i have heard that the chanel nail polish is amazing, despite its slightly large price point!
  9. rgb ‘nude’ nail polish: nude nail polish was so my jam in middle school – as a backstory in middle school i was not allowed to wear nail polish- so i feel like if i still can wear nude nail polish – now its become a choice to wear – its totally cool!

i hope you enjoy my picks!

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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