Summer Popsicle Recipes

hey all!

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so guys, its hot here in california. like really hot, like fans running 24-7 hot, like can’t sleep under covers hot. what is the best thing to do when its hot, eat popsicles of course! so today, in honor of the current heat that i am feeling at this time in california, i decided to put together some popsicle recipes that i found on pinterest and have been wanting to try. so here we go why don’t we!

pre-word : none of these are my recipes or photos and i do not claim to own them, i am only sharing them for your viewing and enjoyment!

Iced-Caramel-Macchiato-Popsicles-1 2

iced carmel macchiato pops


strawberry coconut milk pops

cherry limeade pops


creamy cookie dough pops

watermelon-kiwi-popsicles 2

watermelon kiwi pops


fresh peach pops


cantaloupe pops


mango pops


strawberry mango chia pops


raspberry rosé pops

i hope you enjoy these recipes that i have for you! if you want to try them out let me know! thanks all!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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