My Glasses Favorites

hey all!

how have your summer’s been so far? recently mine has been CRAZY with the #NSALE – as being both a blogger and a blog reader! right now i am in LOVE with these rose gold nikes and this adorable tee shirt.

so about two years ago I was “diagnosed” (if you can even call this diagnosed) with “convergence insufficiency” – which is basically a fancy medical world meaning that my eyes don’t work together – (check out more of an explanation in the post here!). So this means that I wear prism lenses as reading glasses so I don’t see double when I read in books or on the computer. So, I have had some pretty awesome glasses over this year – but now I’m trying something new – glasses from Warby Parker!

If you guys don’t know what Warby Parker is it’s an awesome eyeglasses and sunglasses company with adorable glasses. they have an awesome “toms” like philosophy with a “buy one, give from program”. so today, i have a post for you guys of my favorite warby parker glasses which i will be sharing soon!

here we go!

  1. baker glasses
  2. coley glasses
  3. stockton glasses
  4. percel glasses
  5. downing glasses

stay tuned to see the ones i picked – and check out my instagram for a super special surprise coming soon to my blog!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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