July Month in Review

hey guys!

its so crazy that its already july 30th. i mean there is only one more day left in july.

this month there was…


the end of my diet. my diet, the blogilates 28 day reset ended on july 3rd, just in time for  prime ice cream season. my diet was no dairy, no gluten, no sugar and more. i have realized, since then that i am likely – in addition to being lactose intolerant i probably have a gluten problem as well – isn’t that unfortunate, NO MORE PIZZA. at least at lot less of it because of how it makes me feel. so a few days ago i picked up the diet again -this time adding in the red meat! i will let you know how it goes.



and this month had the fourth of july. i celebrated with some of my old friends – my oldest friend leah and her family. we were able to see the amazing pasadena rose bowl fireworks – which were amazing and we had a barbeque and it was just so fun!
























then, following the fourth i took a little day trip up to visit san luis obispo – and visit cal poly SLO, a school i will be applying to this fall. i absolutely love the school and i am so excited for all of the schools i will be applying to at the end of this year!


of course in SLO i had to check out the coffee shops – because i LOVE coffee – check out how i take my coffee here – and i found this amazing place called scout which had a really great latte!


i made homemade pasta. i made bucatini – which my family loves to eat with an amatriciana sauce – like this one from mario batali – its basically a strawlike pasta. i used this really cool pasta extruder and it turned out really well! my family would agree they  really liked it – and i successfully completed one of my 101 in 1001 tasks!


my family and i visited little damage – the home of the ‘goth ice cream’. and the verdict is: that soft serve is amazing! all of my family enjoyed it – and we all agreed that it was worth the CRAZY one hour wait time! i suggest the ‘dark cinns’ and ‘salted covfefe’.



i also had my senior portraits taken this month! also to clear up any misunderstandings – this is not my official portrait – they are not out yet but i will definitely share them with you all – my blog family! this is a photo my sister took later that day!


my family and i also got a chance to visit this amazing italian place in la called rossoblu. it was fabulous and the food was insanely delicious and i hope to go back soon and try the classic bolognese.


i also got to catch up with some of my friends this month! which i have loved seeing them so much and catching up – i could talk to them for hours on end!


of course, this month also had the #NSALE! i shared with you my outfit post and my picks. and just a reminder – you can easily shop my picks from clicking the #NSALE link in my header!

i hope you enjoyed my post!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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