Back to School – My Backpack Favorites

hey all!

so yesterday i introduced my ‘back to school series’ that i will be sharing starting today! in my first post of my series i wanted to share with you all my favorite backpacks.

just as a note to all my readers – ‘favorites’ does not mean i own any of the above (unless noted) all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

let’s get started why don’t we!

  1. Converse Original Canvas Backpack:  so i saw this bag at my local nordstrom rack a few days ago and totally fell in love. the color ‘porpoise’ is super cute – its basically a little lighter than a baby blue. the canvas bag is really well made which is a little surprising considering its a converse backpack!
  2. Fjallraven ‘Kanken’ Laptop Backpack: i own one of these in this color – called ‘pink’ it’s a little dark millennial pink backpack. its the perfect size to carry your laptop in – thus the name of the bag as ‘laptop’ – and a few other items if you don’t carry too many items in your backpack (like if you are in college and stop at your living quarters between classes) this just might be for you! it gets a little dirty so make sure you don’t drop it too many places.
  3. State Bags The Heights Adams Backpack: this blue and pink accented backpack is just too adorable to pass up! being sold on nordstrom – the reviews are amazing and it apparently looks just like it does in the picture! also (like the fjallraven) looks like it can hold a laptop and just a few books and pens from class to class. and the STATE bags backpack program gives a backpack to a child in need for every backpack sold – so it does some good!
  4. Herschel Settlement Backpack: i have heard alot about herschel backpacks over the years and have almost tried them quite a few times. its a pretty standard backpack in a pretty standard size. the look of these backpacks is pretty cute and it would definitely be worth the buy for someone looking for a quality backpack for a not too hefty price point.
  5. Kipling Tina Laptop Backpack: kipling makes some amazing products. i have never personally tried this ‘tina’ backpack but it looks amazing! in the color ‘antique rose’ its got perfect tones and and tons of pockets. the reviews mention its color being different in person – so i might be a tad skeptical of it but it also has some great reviews! click on the link to see more!
  6. Madeleine and Company Navy with Pink Slim: madeleine and company is an amazing backpack company created by a girl named madeleine (obvious fact) who is not much older than myself actually! her backpacks are extremely well made and super cute! the stripe on its adorable, she has a ton of different options but my personal favorite is this pink slim one!

i hope you guys all enjoy this post today!

AND since its the last day of the #NSALE, check out my final picks : this adorable madewell tote bag, these nike leggings and this amazing deal on tory burch high boots.


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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