Back to School – Agendas and Planners

hey all!

i am a planner fiend. i love planners. just L – O – V – E them! they just make my world go round man. i love being able to see my week all laid out. i like being able to write in beautiful pens and draw, put stickers and washi tape out on my agenda.

personally, i am on the bullet journal system (if you do not know what that means check it out here) and i use a leuchtturm notebook but i am still in LOVE with the look of planners. so in honor of my back to school series i decided to put together my favorite non-bullet journal agendas.

just as a note to all my readers – ‘favorites’ does not mean i own any of the above (unless noted) all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

  1. ‘i did my best’ agenda:  with the spiral edge, nailed this agenda design with the cover ‘i did my best’ lettering. i love the millennial pink agenda color and think that its so absolutely perfect!
  2. ‘rose parade’ agenda: with the spiral edge, (again) this print is amazing. i love the roses, i love the fact that its called “rose parade” because, i am from pasadena – in case you didn’t know, its the home of the world famous rose parade!
  3. rifle paper company 2018 lively floral agenda: rifle paper co has such neat designs i have a REALLY cool travel journal from them! i think this is a very unique and VERY fall toned agenda!
  4. lilly pulitzer 17 month agenda ‘sparkling sands pink’:  lilly pulitzer prints look bomb on planners. i had a LP agenda in freshman year and loved it. the layouts are super nice inside and they share different prints on each page which keeps even the most boring of moments feel like summer!
  5. lilly pulitzer 17 month agenda ‘beach loot blue’: this print looks like a magestic mermaid, i seriously can’t get over it! all that i said about the planner before applies – because its practically the same inside!
  6. kate spade new york ‘dahlia’ agenda:this is a new kate spade print that i had not yet seen until i went to paper source looking at agendas. i think this planner will be fun for a long term this year especially into spring.
  7. kate spade new york ‘black and gold polka dots’ agenda:this is a SUPER classic kate spade agenda, i mean could you get any more classic than polka dots.  i totally love that the rings on the agenda are on the inside so nothing messes up!
  8. kate spade new york ‘fashionably late’ agenda :kate spade just has such cute sayings on their items. like on the agenda is super cute in the different fonts!
  9. fringe studio ‘get on my level’ agenda:this fringe studio planner totally reminds me of planners and im just loving it!
  10. rifle paper company icon 2018 agenda:i love this new rifle paper co agenda for its miminalism. the little icons are so cute and relatable for life!

remember you can always check out my school and journal pinterest board below – follow it so you get updates whenever i post more new school and journal pins!

i hope you enjoy


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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