Back to School – My Supply Favorites

hey all!

school is on its way! i mean, after all it is august 10th, which means my school starts in a little over two weeks. ah i am not ready for summer to be over. like i wish it could last forever, but there is something about starting school thats just awesome and getting into my groove again finally!

i mean you guys know my obsession (that i have mentioned way too many times) with school supplies! so today, i wanted to share my favorite supplies and accessories for the school year – which means anything you can carry or hold (and not wear on your body) for the back to school time!

here we go!

  1. kate spade metallic sticky note set :  i love this super cute set of sticky notes – and i am so gonna mark up all of my books and notes with these adorable ampersand, money sign and question mark little stickies! these are just so absolutely useful – and will so make me wanna study more!
  2. s’well water bottle in ‘milky way’ stainless steel : s’well bottles – as i have talked about many times – keeps your drink cold for up to 24 hours. as a cold water fiend – i literally will sit and wait for the water to get cold in the fridge to keep it cool – this bottle is so necessary and super cute, i love the ‘milky way’ texture on the bottle.
  3. white hydroflask water bottle : hydroflask – like s’well bottles keep your water super cold. i love my hydroflask because it definitely holds a lot more than the s’well and although it has a super simple design – and no fancy patterns you can add super cute stickers and other stuff like that!
  4. kate spade 17-month agenda : kate spade’s designs are so adorable – and gold is definitely my preferred color – it will already match my computer and pencil bag! although i am not a particular fan of the pre built agendas – kate spade’s design are almost too cute to pass up!
  5. hershel supply anchor laptop sleeve in cloud pink & ash : in addition to gold, pink is so my aesthetic right now! this is such a cute – almost millennial pink and gray laptop case is so perfect and protects the computer so well! its so cute!
  6. MT sparkly gold washi tape : washi tape is SOO my thing guys! i picked this gold washi tape out the other day at paper source on a card run and just had to pick it up for my collection and i have already used it so much! MT has absolutely amazing quality washi tape – it tears and cuts easily but is pretty thick!
  7. MT solar system washi tape : i have had this washi tape for awhile and think its an absolute MUST! click the link to check it out – the small size on my photo does not do it justice but its so absolutely adorable and its great to add to anyone’s washi tape collection if you are looking for tape!
  8. mildliner highlighters : if you are a note taking fan like i am – these will be your go to pens. they are super light pens so they don’t leak through your paper and they also don’t leave too much color which is perfect for note-taking and bullet journal usage.
  9. leuchtturm1917 pink dotted notebook : you guys all know that i LOVE bullet journaling and my absolute favorite notebook for bullet journaling has been the leuchtturm in the dotted pattern inside. its not too many lines but easily allows you to line out and create your images for your journal!
  10. kate spade ‘out to lunch’ lunch tote : this simple polka dotted kate spade canvas lunch tote is so cute! its insulated interior allows you to keep your lunch at an edible temperature while allowing for you to also totally stay in style with the adorable exterior!
  11. packed party ‘good as gold’ pouch : as i have already mentioned, gold is in my aesthetic so this adorable gold confetti pouch totally fits my aesthetic! it would make an absolutely adorable pencil pouch!

i hope you enjoy my favorites! remember you can always check out my ‘back to school wishlist’ via pinterest which you can follow below!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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