Back to School – Apps to Download

hey all!

technology has become a huge part of my high school experience. i mean, being ‘of that generation’ (i am basically the end of the millennials) i haven’t really had any experience where the internet did not exist.  i mean like smart phones didn’t really even exist till like my 4th grade. anyway, since my school experience is filled with technology i wanted to share some of my favorite – “school – related apps.” some of them are better for the iphone, while some are better for ipad or mac related needs.

here we go!

  1. starbucks: while this isn’t too “study-related” this is a must have for me. i absolutely love the “mobile order” option for before school, and i am a person who loves to leave early before school and pick up a coffee, it so makes my day! like i feel ready! of course, i rarely even pick up coffee, but the few times i do, the mobile order feature is my key to make me not wait in too long of a line.
  2. spotify: i have talked before, but i love studying to background sound. whether that is a crash course video, or my ‘study’ playlist on spotify. i think that spotify is so neccessary because there is always time to listen to music with friends or if you like to run after school – to get out my energy before homework, thats awesome too!
  3. pinterest: pinterest – although it can be SUCH a time suck is super awesome to collect project ideas, and art ideas. pinterest is also great for mood boards and if you are completely creatively blocked its awesome to go on pinterest and you know just put together a collection of images or articles that give you inspiration!
  4. reminders: so this app comes with your iphone and its really underrated. i am a forgetful person, so whenever i need to remind myself to bring something to school the next day, or to remember an upcoming test. and the app is really great and is good for the icloud, like if you want it to show up on both your computer and your phone and can – and will!
  5. the homework app: this is a new app that i am trying this year, i have heard great things about it and i am testing it out now. it seems amazing because you can keep track of homework and view stuff from your phone, ipad or laptop! it also helps you to keep track of you schedule which is awesome!
  6. wunderlist: i have had this app for awhile, with a list of places in LA that i have to go to. but this is also an awesome app for to-do lists. wunderlist is cross platform and allows you to share and collaborate on to-do lists.
  7. khan academy: well, this is an app and a website that i remember using all the way back to 7th grade – and i am a 12th grader this year! khan academy is the amazing self-tutor with videos on a horde of different subjects and practice activities KA is super helpful and definitely has helped me in math.
  8. quizlet: i have talked about quizlet many times before, i LOVE QUIZLET. its digital notecards. you type them out and then yoiu have them whenever you need them. last year i put my apush notecards on quizlet and while i drove to school i put the “play” button on and tested myself before the test itself so i would know my terms even better!
  9. notability: notability is a super cool way of taking notes. you can type, you can draw, video record, highlight and more with notability’s cool fetaures.
  10. google drive: along with khan academy, i remember using google drive since middle school. google drive is basically the microsoft programs (like word, powerpoint and excel) by google and on the cloud! you never lose them – its practically impossible and because google saves every version if you need to go back you always can.

i hope you enjoy! and maybe even download a few of these apps!


kwe monogramaka kate wins!



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