hey all!


i can’t believe it, with a little under 3 years of macarons and must haves – i have done it!

to me, 400 is beyond crazy. 400 is more than a full years worth of posts – as if i posted every day.  this is definitely worth my time, my blog was a first a hobby for me, but has translated into a real life job, i feel like an actual adult when i am blogging which is a totally amazing feeling for a 17 year old – i mean i love what i am doing and i am doing it seriously.

i have changed so much since my blog began, i mean as a freshman i was just getting into preppy style, and now my preppy style is a totally new age preppy for me – different with twists of trend. its insane to think that my blog will always be around to document my life, my style and my feelings through high school – and definitely beyond to college and after that as well.

there is a lot to look forward to in october (just as a sneak peak: giveaways, pictures and more!) – my official 3rd birthday. make sure to subscribe to macarons and must haves to keep up with me in the coming months ahead.

i hope you enjoy!

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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