Back to School – My Lunch and Snack Favorites

hey all!

meal preps are amazing to do in weekends. you make bulk and keep during the week y family likes to grill chicken in the weekend so we can have it in chicken tacos

for snacks!

#1: meal prep deli boxes via miss molly vintage 


these can really either be snacks or lunch, but these are a great idea because they are easily personalizable! personally i would bring mary’s gluten free crackers with a laughing cow chese with pepperoni, some baby carrots and dried apricot with a lacroix water!

#2: no bake trail mix energy bites via fake ginger


these look so good – and they are actually a bit indulgent with the m&ms and the chocolate chips. they are just like trail mix except they have peanut butter so you can basically use the template and add as you please!

#3: homemade granola bars via minimalist baker


i don’t know about you guys, but i am not very hungry at 7 when i leave my house. however, i am very hungry around 9 – its super odd but all of my teachers let me eat in their classes. i love granola bars like these ones above when i eat my late breakfast in class!

#4: healthy grab and go snack jars via the butter half


i love this idea, you can pick and chose whoich snacks to go together! i love the idea of peanut butter, pretszels and carrots! its so ood but i actually love peanut butter with carrots and think it would be a superb snack!

#5: chocolate sea salt almonds via sally’s baking addiction


okay, so these might not be the healthiest thing on here – but sometimes you do need a little bit of chocolate in your life! these look AMAZING – and are probably much cheaper than the ones you would buy at the store!

#6: energy boosting trail mix via kristine’s kitchen


okay, so who here loves trader joes trail mix. *slightly raising hand behind keyboard at the moment* but that stuff is actually pretty expensive, and the raw ingredients themselves are not really too expensive! its also better for you – and no additives!

for lunch!

#1: meal prep one pan teriyaki chicken via life made sweeter


this is an awesome meal, filled with protein and seems pretty straightforward and well rounded. easy to make via one pan in the oven and can be paired and easily microwaved once you are at school or work.

#2: gluten free pasta salad with grilled veggies via barilla

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 10.49.52 AM.png

i love grilled veggies and i have to admit, barilla makes some pretty amazing gkuten free pasta! of course you guys can make this pasta with or without gluten – whether or not you perfer to eat it!

#3: kung pao chicken with zoodles via life made sweeter


this looks SO BOMB! as a gluten sensitive person, zoodles are a total go-to, i mean they are so much better for you than the flour! whenever i go to chinese food, kung pao is my go to order, so this will be PERFECT for whenever i feel those takeout cravings so i can have something a little healthier!

#4: taco pop tarts via babble


these kinda sound disgusting – but they actually look amazing! i mean its just like a taco inside a ie dough shell! its not supposed to be sweet at all – and as long if you don’t pull a rachel from friends and put meat in your trifle you will be good!

#5: meal prep beef with broccoli via life made sweeter


this looks so good – and is another meal prep recipe! i am a total fan of chinese food takeout – so i absolutely love the idea of these chinese food recipes from life made sweeter!

#6: meal prep carnitas burrito bowls via fit foodie finds


i am also a mexican food fiend, and i just love the idea of real food for meals – instead of just sandwiches – which i am not a huge fan of!

i hope you enjoy! and tell me how you enjoy these recipes!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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