Back to School – School Shoes Favorites

hey all!

its so odd because i am a fashion blogger but here a truth : i wear uniforms at school, and i actually LOVE wearing them. you would think you don’t have very much freedom, however we actually kinda do! we are allowed to pick shoes and other accessories. i don’t know about you but i have just been loving sneakers recently – so i just had to put together a list of my favorite school shoes!

again, just as a note to all my readers – ‘favorites’ does not mean i own any of the above (unless noted) all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

  1. jack purcell converse : i had a pair of baby blue jack purcell converse for a long time – and actually just got rid of them because they were old and ripped but i had a few great years of use – and i loved them so much! although i loved my baby blue purcells, i put on my list the white ones because i love them too!
  2. classic black converse : okay i mean these are classics. they are just the perfect base level shoe. i wore converse for like 3-4 years in like middle school – and i loved them so much, however, have kinda stopped wearing them because i am a little burned out after 3 years!
  3. classic black and white nike cortez : okay, so if you follow my instagram, you know that these are my new faves. i have the red ‘swoosh’ cortez and i am ABSOLUTELY in love. they are sooo classic and have a perfect look and feeling. the black and white truly goes with more than the red ones!
  4. nike lunarepic flyknit : these are my new more athletic nikes that i am trying out. i have walked around in them and do truly like them alot. they also just look really cool – i mean have i mentioned how much i like sneakers!
  5. nike free RN running shoe : i just really love how classic and athletic these look and i have heard from so many people that these shoes are really amazing!
  6. nike lunarepic rose gold and cream : these were on the nordstrom anniversary sale – so i just had to pick them up! i mean who can REALLy resist rose gold and cream! even the aglets on the tips of shoelaces are rose gold!!
  7. gold metallic nike cortez : the only thing better than nike cortez, is metallic gold nike cortez! enough said.
  8. classic navy blue stan smith adidas : i like stan smiths because i have REALLY narrow feet – and adidas are pretty wide, but the stan smiths are perfectly narrow for me!
  9. nike roshe two sneaker in grey : i have black roshe ones from two years ago because i have not changed shoe sizes in 7 years – i think my feet are done growing at this point – but i love my roshe shoes – they really are amazing.

i hope you like my shoe picks!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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