Kate’s Korner : Back to School & Senior Year

hey all!

its kate – and i am back with another “kate’s korner” which if you didn’t know (or read my previous article on body positivity) is my new kinda “getting personal” series – and today i really wanted to share a little about going back to school.

i have always loved going back to school. i mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE SUMMER – and for awhile it was my second favorite season (behind spring because my birthday is in spring) and i never quite want summer to end. but there is something special about going back to school, and more than new pens and notebooks (although that too is a reason for my love of the back to school season – side note, i used to look through the weekly ads checking the prices of all of the school supplies – i basically have always been a school supply and stationery JUNKIE since i was eight!).

back to school is always something i have held onto. you know, for me at least summer is kinda boring unless you are out of the house everyday doing something different and in school everyday (monday – friday that is) you get out and there are new things to talk and think about.

something changed when i went to high school, something has been different since then. but now for sure, nothing makes me more excited than walking in to campus. like there truly is something about a coming into a school that i love and picked.

also just a side note, i am totally freaked about senior year!! any other seniors out there feeling the same?

thanks for reading!


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