Back to School – Whats in My Backpack

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hey all!

i hope you enjoyed my to-do list that i was able to share with you this last thursday. in between then and now i have been able to get things done which is great and i would like to say i am officially ready to be a senior tomorrow – school supply! since i got all of my school supplies ready this weekend – and checked off my to – do list i am ready to share with you guys whats in my backpack!

first of all, my backpack!


this year i opted for a jansport superbreak pack in mist pink! i usually opt for a l.l.bean monogram backpack, but this year i really wanted to switch it up! because i still wanted my monogram on my backpack i picked up the adorable pink circle monogram iron-on patch on my backpack from the etsy shop louise and lloyd.

next, what’s in my pack.

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i of course, have to include my bullet journal. i have a leuchtturm1917 medium size dotted notebook in azure   and i put my macarons and must haves ampersand sticker on the front!

for my notebooks i typically opt for the five star notebooks like my one above for calculus. i also love binders and typically opt for these ones from target and decorate the outside with a gold metallic sharpie paint pen.

i am a pen obsessed person – as i have mentioned time and time again i just love my pens. this year i picked up a new pencil case, i have this adorable packed party pencil case with glitter inside it. this pencil case makes me feel very happy and excited! some of my favorite pens to keep in my pencil case are my muji pens,   mildliner highligthers and stabilo pens.

other things i keep in my backpack:

i keep a small wallet with a little bit of change in case i need it.

i keep a “minimergency kit” with deodorant, nail polish remover, pain reliever, dental floss and many more other items!

i keep a pair of headphones – there are a ton of uses for these at school especially considering my two free blocks.

i keep my computer and its charger because in almost every class we use technology!

i keep my phone charger because sometimes its best just to be safe!

i hope you enjoy! tell me whats in your backpack!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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