August Month in Review

hey all!

how was your august? mine was great – and felt REALLY LONG! i was looking through the photos on my phone and i absolutely couldn’t believe how long it actually was – like i did SO much! and today is the last day! i mean it was summer – and today is my 4th day of senior year – and even though it was long – the days are moving too fast and even though i am back into the routine i am kinda done with it. i mean like wakeup – school – golf – (errands and stuff i need) – cooking dinner – homework – sleep. is it bad that i am already bored? ugh well i might as well get to this month!

since august still had summer i did some pasadena exploring!

i did a little photoshoot at city hall with my sister and i visited the art center wall in pasadena to take some pictures and prepare for my surprise in october!

i started to go back to school

i did an entire back to school series – i did a special senior year “whats in my backpack post” as well as a picture and my first thoughts of my senior year!

summer is for ice cream okay?

i tried both wanderlust ice cream and magpies softserve for the first time and opted for some amazing dairy free flavors at both (“i love LA” at wanderlust and root beer at magpies)! lactose intolerant for the win! i also visited jeni’s again and mcconnells to eat my bodyweight in churros con leche and intelligentsia black cat espresso!

i started up with golf again.

it felt really good to get back into game play which i hadn’t done in a VERY long time – but i absolutely love my team and my fellow senior and all of the new teammates!

that was my august!

how was yours?

thanks for reading! xoxo!

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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