Things I am Looking Forward to in September

hey all!

happy september!

i am so so so excited for what is to come this month – and i am so ready for october to come – not like i want this month to pass by so fast because that means i would be in deep doo-doo but like hey i am excited for my october!

so before i get too far ahead of myself, here’s the list of things i am looking forward to in september!

lets go!

  1. HAMILTON : yes this month i am fortunate enough to see hamilton in LA! pictures and write up to come!
  2. getting to see off one of my best friends going to new york : my friend is leaving to dance for the joffrey ballet – and even though i am gonna miss her so much, i am so so proud of her!
  3. continuing my golf season : golf has come out to be interesting thus far and i am sure it will be more interesting for the rest of the season too.
  4. my senior art show : its CRAZY that i am a senior and i pulled out all of my artwork from four years and just looked at it, and let me tell you it was so interesting! i am so excited to share pictures with you guys later.
  5. starting college apps : yes i am sorta excited. i can’t even truly explain my excitement / nervousness.
  6. seeing / feeling cooler weather : i don’t know if any of you know, but its been like 100 degrees every day in california this week, so i am really excited for california to cool down because i am really not all about this heat!

i hope y’all enjoy! what are you looking forward to in september, comment down below so i can hear!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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