My Favorite LA Restaurants

hey all!

how was your long weekend? mine was super awesome and restful – and i am so glad i’m going back to school already – i know i said i am a little tired of the routine, but i actually miss it after only a few days! and i’m so glad i’m back to school!

you guys all know i am a foodie…

and if you follow my instagram you definitely know that i love food.

since i’m an angeleno, (for those of you who don’t know that’s a resident of los angeles) and i’m broadly angeleno because i live close enough to the city itself – if y’all know where pasadena is, you know what i’m talking about! i have decided to start an LA travel guide – you should check out my link in my upper menu to see some posts coming soon.

anyway… why not get started! in no specific order!

if you’d die for homemade pasta with fresh bolognese made by a man who is literally from bologna then go to…



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i HIGHLY suggest the bolognese – its ah-ma-zing and literally their fresh pasta is TRULY bomb af! the atmosphere is super cool – but if you have a birthday or event – or if you wanna go you MUST make a reservation in advance!

if cheap – and amazing street tacos with some of the best horchata ever then go to 


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my favorite tacos are the calabacitas with is the most amazing veggie taco, the frijoles con queso taco and the green chili tamale! also – order the horchata with cold brew – you won’t regret it!

for delicious – and beautiful baked goods, make a trip down to

mr. holmes bakehouse

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my favorite item is the matcha croissant – which is a regular croissant which is covered in a little matcha green tea chocolate glaze! which is so good and not too *cloying* which is great!

 if you would love to try some amazing asian fusion food, with the coolest atmosphere who are very diet accommodating then try out 

little sister

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i love the spring rolls – they were so amazing – tasty and have NO GLUTEN! i also loved the spicy lemongrass fried chicke which was also gluten free! basically little sister was a HUGE win for me!

if you are in the mood for amazing pastrami and perfect new york style bagels then go to 

wexler’s deli


i love their everything bagels with cream cheese, they totally remind me of my favorite new york bagels from ess-a-bagel!

if you are looking for some pretty good food with an amazing atmosphere, and beautiful photo taking opportunities then try out 

bottega louie

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my favorite items are the burrata pizza with prosciutto and i also love the beignets with the AMAZING raspberry preserves and just the restaurant is SO pretty!

if you love dumplings – have never tried them ever and are looking for a great place, go to 

din tai fung

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my favorite things from din tai are the pork xiao long bao, the noodles with spicy sauce and their sauteed green beans (which are truly magical)!

if you find yourself in the pasadena area and want to try a really cute and tasty cafe try out 


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i love the daily quiches that they make. my favorite has been the ham and jalepeno quiche! they also have AMAZING pretzel rolls – i can’t leave lincoln without buying one for myself.

if you are a burger fan (and i know this may be an unpopular choice) then try out 

shake shack

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(sorry to all of you in-n-out fans, but i just like shake shack better!) i order an order of fries and the ‘smokeshack’ burger which has bacon and cheese on it!

if you end up farther out of the road in malibu, check out 

malibu farm 

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malibu farm is so aesthetically pleasing! you seriously can’t go wrong with their fresh juices and the sweet corn pancakes in the morning.

if you find yourself in the mood for ramen noodles then try out

ramen tatsunoya

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i LOVE ramen and always always opt for the spicy tonkotsu ramen with the pork broth! its so tasty – especially if you love spicy like i do!

this isn’t even including coffee shops or ice cream – which i will be posting about later!

i hope you guys enjoy my recommendations and tell me if you try any of them out – and if you have any suggestions for me to try, check them out!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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