Hamilton the Musical – My Review

hey all!

last night was the best night of my life –

okay so maybe that was hyperbole, a little bit, but i have been waiting to see hamilton for two years and last night i finally saw it.

you might have remembered that i had a tweet retweeted by @hamilton on twitter, so i am basically ~famous~

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.07.08 PM.png

all that aside, i was wayyy to excited to see hamilton in LA, my hometown.

yesterday was the day,

my sister and i were lucky enough to score tickets to this magical show at the pantages theatre in LA for 8pm.

we got to the theatre and i was already IN LOVE – truly i had been in love for like 1 year + now but you understand my vibe. so we had to buy a souvenir (so i picked this hamilton lapel pin, i am so gonna put it on my backpack!) sat down to wait for the performance.

the performance started – the first song came on aptly titled “alexander hamilton” and i started crying because i was so excited – not like heavy crying but like teary eyes. if you know the song: the characters come out and sing before we know anything yet about them – and then layfayette / jefferson came on stage and he was AMAZING. such a good singer & rapper i just died.

honestly, i can’t even explain the purely ~etherial~ experience i had at hamilton. i honestly will never forget my experience – ever and i hope i can get lucky enough to see it again soon!

if you haven’t listened to hamilton yet, i HIGHLY suggest you give it a try – i linked the album down below – if you are hesitant, just try out the first song, just give it a listen – i am sure you won’t be disappointed!

i hope you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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