Whats in my Bag – September 2017 Edition

(this post may contain links which will be monetized)

hey all!

how’s life? mine is so crazy right now, i have so much going on – as always but this week is absolutely crazy which isn’t the best thing because all i want to do is watch jane the virgin – but i am staying off the netflix which is probably for the better.

but i should just get to the article…

here is my purse:


i have this adorable ted baker bag from the #NSALE, i honestly love this bag so much because its so big – and carries most of what i need almost all the time!

next onto the contents of my bag!


i have a glossier cosmetic bag – which comes whenever you make a glossier order – filled with little beauty stuff!

i always carry:

/some dental floss

i don’t even know how but somehow i always get food in my teeth, so dental floss always comes in handy!

/my favorite mario badescu rose water spray/

this is an amazing product that i love to spray on my face – so my makeup doesn’t get too too cakey and on my hair whenever i get drier/frizzier than normal!

/lash domination mascara

although i use the better than sex mascara ~religiously~ this “lash domination” is some awesome touch up mascara, because it has a little brush and make it so much easier to put on mascara in a flash!


i just picked up these adorable scrunchies from urban outfitters and i love using scrunchies in my hair because its better for the curls not messing them up too much and leaving a crease

i also need to carry


i also always bring

/kate spade wallet/

my kate spade wallet is so trusty to me, its the perfect size, and i got it a few years ago for christmas and i love it!

/illesteva sunglasses/

i love my sunglasses, i think they fit my face so well and the mirror parts are perfect and really trendy now!

/mentos gum/

this is my holy grail. i chew this gum in the morning before school, after school and really anytime that i get into my car. basically i have one in my car and one in my purse because i am addicted!

/portable charger/

these are so neccesary these days because i am a ~phone addict~

anyway! i hope you guys all enjoyed getting to see in my bag!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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