Fall Wishlist 2017

(this post contains affiliate links which may be monetized)

hey all!

i have an absolutely crazy life right now – and i can’t even begin to explain it you guys – yet! – but i’m so excited to continue sharing fun things on the blog and many great things ~coming soon!!!!

since its officially ~fall~ i felt like i needed to do a wishlist! i mean its like 90 degrees today yet i still feel like i needed to do a fall wishlist – of shoes, bags, and clothes! i am totally into fall, eating my maple pumpkin spice walnuts and drinking my pumpkin spice tea i am in it! for some reason, i am really ~feeling~ fall this year.

again, just as a note to all my readers – ‘wishlist’ does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

so let’s get to it why don’t we!

  1. j.crew “rue saint-honoré” t-shirt: i have been totally into styling t-shirts with jeans and denim skirts – and i think that the look is so adorable for fall. i also just love j.crew, this ‘rue saint-honoré’ is so so so cute – because it has lowkey france vibes with a super simple vibe too!
  2. kate spade polka dot mini wallet: wallets are so necessary – and like whenever i wear matching items for some reason i feel better when my wallet matches my purse. since black is such a basic color, i think this wallet would look so cute with any black purses. also kate spade just has the best wallets.
  3. tory burch georgia stripe leather tote: i love this purse, i always love tory burch purses but this one is so adorable! i love the green stripe down the front and think that its honestly so so perfect & a really good size.
  4. levi’s wedgie straight leg cropped jeans: i love mom jeans – these jeans are supposed to be amazing on – and perfectly fit your body and hug your curves perfectly. just in general i love this jean style and think they’d be perfect for fall.
  5. topshop patch pocket a-line denim miniskirt: this skirt has a great 70’s vibe, i feel like dark green, mustard-like 70’s would totally be this vibe and i think that would be perfect for fall. the zipper on the front with the circle zip is just so cute!
  6. topshop studded miniskirt: i love topshop’s denim skirts. they are super soft and well made, they also fit really well. i love this specific skirt because of the studs on the denim. i love the studs and think it would pair really well with any of the t-shirts – and i love pairing my t-shirts with denim skirts.
  7.  nike ‘classic cortez’ sneaker in bone: i LOVE my cortez, i have the blue and red ones – and they are so cute with my school uniform, but i think these cortez in bone and gold are so perfect for fall. i think this would be so cute with the j.crew t-shirt and the a-line miniskirt with the tory burch bag and the kate spade wallet.
  8. fjallraven ‘mini kanken’ backpack: i also love this backpack, this green color looks all good for fall. i love this kinda olive neutral color, and think this is a perfect size backpack to wear anytime, i love my fjallraven while traveling or at disneyland.
  9. topshop ‘females of the future’ t-shirt: this is my go-to t-shirt. i honestly wear it all the time with my embroidered denim topshop skirt and my red and blue nike cortez. i think this t-shirt is also an awesome statement – and i honestly have so many people comign up and talking to me – its a great conversation starter!

do you see a color theme here? lol!

anyway, i hope you guys really enjoy my favorites! let me know down below what your ‘fall wishlist’ includes!


kwe monogram

(aka kate wins!)




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