September Month in Review

hey guys!

sorry this article came a little late. i’ve had an absolutely CRAZY week, but lets get started why don’t we!

i started off the month going to school



this is a picture from the senior locker room, which we paint every year under a different theme. this year we pick candyland, and i painted a lot of it and i LOVE it. i seriously  just love sitting in the bean bags in the locker room and looking at the candyland walls!

i started putting together a feminist shirt collection


like everyone should have one. i love my ‘females of the future‘ shirt – first of all its SUPER comfortable, its also super cute paired with my denim skirt – also it would just be awesome with leggings like at the market and such. it can be dressed up or down, that’s why its on my ‘fall wishlist’

i shared my trying out for the rose court outfit


i wrote this blog article about how i tried out for the rose court. i wrote about my favorite lilly pulitzer for target dress – after all these years who could imagine! this whole process has been so crazy and exciting!

i went to the royal ball for trying out for the rose court


i mentioned this in my post about trying out, but when you try out for the rose court you get to go to a special event called the royal ball. i went with a whole group of my friends and met some of my other friends there too! the ball was so fun because there were so many people there and there was this cool carriage where we took photos in!

and i have actually made it to the last round



here i am with a few of my friends who are also in the last round! its so exciting to be amongst the finalists especially with so many girls who are so fantastic! i wish we could all make it – because i have met so many unique girls who are so fun!

i took some golf team pictures, and i miss my golfers who graduated


i take my annual golf photos usually with my friends from the team, but since i am a senior they have all graduated and left me 😦 which makes me really sad because i miss them but i am so so SO glad it is my last season.

my sister and i saw hamilton


i wrote my hamilton review article this month – and i am still thinking about it day by day, honestly it was SUCH an amazing show!

thats pretty much this entire month! its all gone kinda fast and i really can’t even believe it myself!

i hope you enjoy!

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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