Things I am Looking Forward to in October

hey guys


crazyness crazyness crazyness.  lets get started why don’t we…

things i am looking forward to:

  1. my 3rd blogiversary: 3 years! its INSANE, i have SO many fun things planned and i am so excited for you guys to see all of it.
  2. my fall arts night: i have put so much work into my ap studio art so i am so so so excited to share what i have going on in art!
  3. rose court announcements: monday! seriously tomorrow is the announcement, of course i will be sharing photos and videos from the event – and i am honestly SO HONORED to even get this far from 1,000 girls!
  4. taking the SAT again: i have put SO MUCH work into my SAT prep, i am excited to take it again to see the results and hopefully, it will all get better.
  5. i’m going to the museum of ice cream: seriously one of the cutest places in LA, and i am so excited to go and take a ton of pictures and jump into the sprinkle pool – like seriously how cool is that.
  6. fall weather & many more almond milk PSLs: its been hot this past week so i am hoping that the weather becomes more bearable soon so that i can drink more lattes and wear more fall clothes!
  7. getting my art portfolio together: as i mentioned i have been doing a ton of artwork so i am hoping that i can finish some of my stuff soon!

i hope you guys enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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