The Museum of Ice Cream Los Angeles

hey guys!

you *might* have seen from my instagram, (or the title of this article) but i went to the museum of ice cream this weekend!

if you didn’t know,

the museum of ice cream is an interactive museum in the arts district of los angeles which prominently features the theme of ice cream – i mean duh the name itself says ice cream!

who better than an ice cream fanatic like me to check it out!

so below i am gonna share some of my favorite photos from the museum and some reviews! here we go!


the museum is more or less famous for the sprinkle pool, a little room where there is a small size pool filled with sprinkles, and before i let you be too grossed out, the sprinkles are actually just little pieces of plastic and not even real sugar.


i really enjoyed my time in the museum. i loved the brightly colored rooms and all of the slight puns and jokes made of ice cream.

basically, in every room they actually give you ice cream! i just thought they give you a cone when you are done, but no they actually give you one in ~almost~ every room. i tasted some really good ice cream – but the portions were all kinda large and i did not even realize how much ice cream they actually gave you. this DEFINITELY warrants the suggestion that you should probably go in the afternoon – i went at 11:30 and it kinda messed up my eating schedule for the day – but i was willing to do that for the ice cream.


also the museum is a one-way museum. no going back. so move at a speed you feel comfortable about because you will not be able to go back. honestly don’t  rush yourself, if you feel like the other people in the room are rushing you – don’t pay any attention to them.

it was such a cool experience, and i definitely had a blast in the museum of ice cream! i hope you enjoyed – and if you are an instagram fanatic and the tickets open back up its super fun to go!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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