3 Years

hey all!

wow, three years…

i mean seriously THREE YEARS

in my time, three years is almost 1/6 of my entire lifetime. its the amount of time

its the amount of time i have been in high school and that just feels all so real and crazy to me.

three years to me is all of the hard work i have put into my blog. the HOURS of photography, linking, coding, editing and designing mean the absolute world to me. the two names, the four re-designs, the pinterest and the instagram accounts have taught me so much about running a company and a passion project that is entirely my own and helping me to essentially figure out what i want to do with my life.

i have developed a fashion sense which is entirely my own and has given me the confidence to strut my stuff in the best of ways. i know a few things about the FTC that most 17-year old girls probably don’t know.

i have learned INSANE time management. i not only attend high school full time, but i am a gold award girl scout  (the highest level in girl scouting), i member of my school’s golf team, a volunteer in my community and an artist sharing my eye with the world. running my blog has taught me to value business – and also to make time for fun in my life and ways to do new things.

but most importantly, i know myself. macarons and must haves has given me the platform to be myself and share what i love – and what i don’t as well as sharing my life. this blog has become one of the most important things and an awesome way to document my journey through high school as a develop my style and  my own eye in design and fashion.

i love you macarons and must haves!

thank you all for 3 wonderful years –  here’s to many more.


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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