How to Make A Study Guide : the M&MH Way

hey guys!

since its prime fall season and i’ve been in school for almost two months – and i FINALLY feel like i have my senior year down i felt like it is kinda the best time to share some of my study and study guide tips that i have found helpful this year!

here we go!

know you guys can always check out some of my favorite study guides and bullet journal layouts on my pinterest here! and follow my board for my all time favorite content

but lets really get started why don’t we!

#1: read the book/chapter/section

this one kinda goes without saying, but i’m acing my classes because i am putting in the time and the work to read the chapter and take the notes. i have seriously put in the time to read the chapter in my history of world religions class and it is making all the difference because it makes it totally easy to participate and rack up points that way too – if your teachers take points for participation!

#2: take messy and detailed notes

so every time i read the book/chapter/section i take notes. i start off with super messy but detailed notes. i have found this to be the best way to get all of the best notes written down and put a first time down in your memory and its a great way to better understand the chapter/section that you read. its also good for quick moving fast notes that you can fill in later in class – and add stuff before you spend time making pretty notes.

#3: rewrite your notes

this is why i take messy notes, i like to rewrite my notes and make them look super nice. i saw this tactic on pinterest – they said, to take messy but detailed notes and then rewrite them – not only do your notes then look pretty when you study or prepare for tests but writing it twice really is a great way of studying for ourselves. the notes in my picture above are my buddhism notes for history of world religions which i just rewrote for a quiz later this week!

#4: make notecards and carry them in your purse

i was a HUGE fan of quizlet in the past but the second i get on my phone i get distracted. its just a fact of life that my phone is super distracting and although quizlet is AWESOME because its easier to type it in – and just copy and paste – and its also AMAZING because i can plug it into the aux in my card and listen to them play in the morning before tests i found i definitely don’t learn – or remember enough for my quizlets i have started to make flashcards too. i carry them in my sweatshirt pocket at school and also in purse on the weekends – and also its so much better to write things – as i mentioned before!

i hope you enjoy!


kwe monogramkate wins!


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