Favorite Fall Workouts

hey all!

i have been kinda busy lately with ~college apps~ and general life stuff that my presence has kinda turned to the way-side. honestly, i love blogging and at this point i am trying to keep up 3/week posts – because i feel like there is the most action on my blog when i post more – and i like that! but has the january 1st deadlines begin to loom i may drop a bit here and there – but don’t be afraid i will DEFINITELY be back – in more than full swing – when college apps are finished!

so with that said, college apps have given me a lot of stress. i mean i am sure many of you guys know but its a crazy process and i am always thinking about it in one way or another. so, i have turned to working out – stress makes me eat, and my locker room at school is always filled with candy (because of our candyland theme) – and i am not into eating a lot , especially come the holiday time! so i have been able to keep to a schedule of working out many days!

so today, i wanted to share my workout faves for fall!

#1: i have always been partial to walking / running

because it requires absolutely no equipment except for running shoes! i think that running is the basis for all future workouts so it should not be overlooked. if you want something to burn calories i am not sure that running is your game but i definitely think for someone looking to get into a better workout routine – who isn’t willing to pay for a gym/equipment should definitely turn to running. in addition, seriously running is a huge community, and i see other runners out in my community and wave at them and now we practically know each other by the number of times we have seen each other! running is an awesome place to start, and for me has helped me to get my energy out before starting my homework.

#2: if you have access to equipment/machines: opt for biking

if you are looking for a certain routine: i love THIS ONE from fitness magazine!  i know the soul cycle craze is a big one in my community – but not trying to make anyone feel bad about what they choose to spend their money on, but i can’t feel good about paying so much for a workout class – and its not that i don’t have motivation, but a workout is SO fleeting! once its done, its done and i would rather put that money to clothes. but, since i go to high school, my school has a weight room (which if you follow my instagram live stories you may remember seeing!) and i love to pretend i am in a soul cycle class and do a routine with music on my computer!

#3: if you are at home and want a seriously butt kicking workout: grab a buddy and do some blogilates videos

so y’all know how i did my reset over the summer, well my good results were all credit to blogilates – and my own ability to reject sugar, gluten and red meat! blogilates is this amazing fitness youtuber named Cassie Ho, and she posts AWESOME workout videos that you can do at home or wherever you please! since i practically used my whole summer working out with blogilates videos, i have some favorites: HERE in my blogilates playlist! i only say that i would grab a buddy because i need serious accountability! its awesome to do the videos, but for me without someone to do them with me i half workout and don’t fully get my stuff done!

these are my favorite workout routines! i hope you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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