October Month in Review

hey guys!

uh october is over! and its halloween today! CRAZY!!

10/12 (check mark in my head and in my bullet journal)

this october was insane.


i went to the museum of ice cream


i was fortunate enough to be able to visit the museum and honestly move around and take pictures to my heart’s desire. it was so cool and honestly i am a bit of a weird texture person but i loved the sprinkle pool! you can check my post about it here!

i celebrated my 3rd birthday


or what i would like to call, my blogiversary. and i did a few things like a giveaway, a video and a memory post!

the beginning of the month featured the tournament of roses royal court announcement.


although i wasn’t chosen for the court, i could not have been more grateful for the process and i am SO GLAD i decided to try out – just for fun! – because i was a FINALIST! and in pasadena that is kinda a big deal. i was so glad all my classmates came and supported – and even made me a sign!

and a other few things!


turtles all the way down came out – and i devoured it – it was just an amazing book and i would suggest it to anyone. i dressed up as veronica lodge for halloween because i became obsessed with RIVERDALE – i will share photos on my ig! –  and also stranger things came out!

i hope you enjoyed – sorry the post was a little late.

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)






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