Things I am Looking Forward to In Novemeber

hey all!

HAPPY NOVEMBER – and happy birthday to my mom! and while we are at it, happy half-birthday to me!

lets get started with this little post why don’t we!

things i am looking forward to in november:

  1. thanksgiving: i am not a turkey fan, but i love green bean casserole and stuffing, so you better believe that my stomach will be FULL of that!
  2. more college app deadlines: LET ME TELL YOU, i felt SO GOOD turning in my early action applications, so i know i will feel so much better having two more in by the end of the month!
  3. cooler weather: its cooling down over here FINALLY, and i am ready for the some sweather weather in my life rn – plus i picked up this adorable sweater from target and i am ready for it to see the life of day.
  4. thanksgiving break: i am so excited for these days off ahead of me, you can’t even understand!
  5. going to the norton simon with my ap art class: if you didn’t know, the norton simon is an amazing art museum right here in pasadena, CA. my art class is visiting for a field trip, so i am just so excited to go with my friends and talk art like real AP artists.
  6. friendsgiving: i think i am doing it again this year, so stay tuned!
  7. getting in that xmas spirit: after thanksgiving we transfer into christmas, it just is.
  8. finishing/watching more stranger things: i am not done yet ~no spoliers please~ but i am trying to move slowly to savor it because we just KNOW its gonna be an entire year before the next season comes out!
  9. being done with the SAT: YES! after saturday – and yes that is THIS saturday, i will be done with the SAT. i am so so so glad that this will be my last sitting forever (hopefully).
  10. gingerbread lattes: no shame to the classic PSL, but gingebread lattes are SO MUCH BETTER than a pumpkin spice latte. when i drink gingebread lattes i just get into the ~xmas vibes~.
  11. getting all the macarons and must haves xmas stuff together: i have alot of fun things ahead of us! a giveaway, many gift guides and 4 POSTS A WEEK! its gonna be the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!

get excited, it should be an amazing month!

thanks again my friends!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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