Hostess Gift Guide

(this post contains affiliate links which may be monetized)

hey guys!

happy giving tuesday! my christmas is in the air, my blog is in swing and i have gift guides ready for you to see VERY SOON and i am SO SO EXCITED for the holiday season – who isn’t!

today, for y’all i have the ‘gift guide for the ultimate hostess”- although it could also be a host!

once again, a note to all my readers – ‘gift guide’ does not mean i own any of the above, or that i will buy any of the above. it just means that i like it visually and (unless noted) i do not own it; all that i will write about is stuff i hear from friends and other users of the product as well as the visual aspects of the product which i will mention in the comment below!

let’s get started!

#1: sugarfina christmas bento box set 

perfect to share at their endless parties – both before and after christmas, these candies – which by the way are pretty amazing are sure to make all their guests smile!

#2: smeg toaster

these smeg appliances are SO CUTE! i love this classic vintage-y looking toaster, perfect for all of the avocado toast you’d ever need!

#3: h&m eyes mug

cute for company or just coffee for 1!

#4: bar cart recipe book

endless recipes for drinks they can make for their guests and themselves, just using the things they likely have in their bar cart!

#5: ugg faux shearling throw

for those chilly movie nights sitting on the couch! also for their home and their own enjoyment! these are so dang soft.

#6: smeg espresso maker

three words: smeg espresso maker…

lattes, espresso, and smeg! who could ask for more!

#7: felt letter board

these boards are super cute to set the tone for your parties – and on your instagram feeds too! the best!

#8: voluspa candles set

these candles smell amazing, and if you get the set you can gift every candle to another friend, host/hostess, or family member!

#9:  teapot & infuser set

lose leaf tea is awesome but i always struggle with my dang tea infuser! this way, the infuser is built in and can serve awesome loose leaf tea for a crowd – for every party or even on those cold winter mornings!

#10:  google home voice activated speaker 

google home is so cool! its so much better than a speaker because it can play music, control your smart home, help to control your phone; and calender adding those oh so important reminders, all while being touch-free!

#11: monogram set of 4 old fashion glasses

what could be better than a set of old fashion glasses? well, monogrammed old fashion glasses, your guests will ALWAYS be reminded whose home they are at!

#12: marble cheese board and spreader 

cheese is essential at parties, and what could be better than this chic cheeseboard! its marble which is o-so-trendy and nice quality too!

i hope you guys enjoy! and have fun shopping!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!!)


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