Things I am Looking Forward to in December

hey all!

i know i’ve already made 3 BLOG POSTS in december (#SORRYIMNOTSORRY) without setting my intentions for themonth and writing on what i was looking forward to! don’t worry because i have this post for y’all today!

here we go!

  1. CHRISTMAS: i mean this one’s obvious isn’t it?
  2. finishing ALL of my college apps:  3 to go! only 2 supplements yet – and i don’t think that college is quite kicking my butt! i feel pretty confident in my writing – because i do so much of it in school, and more personal here with you guys! the rest of my apps are due after the new year but i want a calm christmas break so i am turning them in the day my break is over.
  3. christmas at my school: i think y’all know about this, but i go to school in an old mansion… i know how it sounds but its really not as obnoxious as you’d think!! but the ultimate perk of going to school in a mansion is the decorating capabilities. in the entryway, we have a massive christmas tree and along our big stairs we decorations like tree bits, ornaments and ribbon!
  4. kris kinds!!: did i mention i love my school at christmas? well my school also does this schoolwide secret santa called ‘kris kinds’. basically, the idea of kris kinds is that you get a ‘kris kind’ and you are given a ‘kris kind’ so everyday you bring a $3-5 small gift, and on the last day you bring a bigger $20-25 gift – its so fun because you don’t know who has you! its so much fun both giving and getting gifts!
  5. hearing some college decisions: this month i will hear from a few schools that i applied to early. i am so geniunely excited because every school i applied to i love and can totally see myself going to so i am super excited to get in somewhere.
  6. more blog gift guides: GUYS! there are more coming so just look out!
  7. my sister is coming home!: my sister is really NOT far away from home but i love when she’s home because she is absolutely my wingwoman, but most importantly, my blog-tographer! and i am so ready for winter outfit posts!
  8. xmas DIYS: guys, they are coming!
  9. christmas gift shopping: i love shopping – i also love giving gifts so christmas season has me SO ready for all of the shopping coming up!
  10. the senior christmas luncheon: there is another tradition at my school where all of the seniors go to a christmas luncheon with their moms! i am so excited to get dressed up at school and go to the event.
  11. wrapping gifts: i am a major wrapper, you’ll see VERY soon!
  12. winter fashion: see #7!!

enjoy guys!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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