Net Neutrality

hello friends!

you guys know that i am not one to get political on my blog, because i prefer to keep my blog a happy exciting place where we think about clothes, food, travel and lifestyle but i kinda felt like i needed to talk about this one thing.

on thursday, december 14th 2017, the FCC voted in a 3-2 vote repealing net neutrality laws. a quick definition of net neutrality is the power to NOT have our internet providers charge more for access to certain websites, apps and programs – thus making every website ‘neutral’.

as a ‘content creator’  (yes i used that term) i am extremely disappointed. i am sad because i feel like this repeal of these rules will make it so much harder to consume content online. whether its netflix, hbo, youtube or even anyone’s personal fashion blogs the internet providers will be able to block and force their users to PAY MORE to access the content which was once free to them! i mean imagine paying more to access the stuff you already pay for – by this i mean like netflix/hbo/hulu/amazon and other websites like that.  as i mentioned, i am extremely disappointed both as a content creator and a content consumer, i just believe that the internet should be free in terms of being able to access what you want which is free now.

but as long as i can, i have written when there is no one reading, and even when there is no one else left reading i will be writing, not because of the money but because its seriously something that i have learned that i LOVE to do, and more than anything, i do macarons and must haves for myself, and post it online as a gift to you guys. even though i complain occasionally to myself for how much work on my blog it is absolutely my pride and joy and i would be SO upset if you guys couldn’t access it also!!

if you feel so inclined you may be able to:

  • visit and sign up to write congress to stop this landmark decision
  • text ‘battle’ to 384-387
  • call (202)-759-7766 to talk to your representatives in congress

thank you for listening to me, and i hope that you will never have to pay more to access my content, because i will never charge you all more.


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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