101 in 1001 vol. 2

hey guys!

on sunday i finished my first 101 in 1001 days – and since i was 20 short, i felt like i needed the opportunity to try again to complete all 101 things in 1001 days. i am so excited because now i actually feel like i picked some attainable goals, and definitely things that i wanted to do, so i am excited to start!

here we go…

start: december 19th, 2017

end: september 15th, 2020

school (13/101)

  1. get into college (12/20/2017)
  2. pass my ap exams
  3. go to senior prom (4/14/2018)
  4. finish my coding class (3/1/2018)
  5. graduate high school
  6. start college
  7. move into college & decorate my dorm room
  8. take classes that challenge me
  9. start a club at school
  10. try any club/program that even slightly interests me
  11. go out of my comfort zone to meet new people
  12. catch up with my high school friends after freshman year
  13. learn how to transition out of a uniform

health & fitness (20/101)

  1. give up sugar for a month
  2. become a regular at yoga
  3. get a massage
  4. run a 10k
  5. get a facial
  6. no junk food for a week
  7. workout 5/week for at least a month
  8. take a hot yoga class
  9. run an obstacle race
  10. try a juice cleanse
  11. meditate for 20 minutes, once a day for 2 weeks.
  12. try a barre class
  13. do 10,000 steps a day for a whole month
  14. try a triathlon
  15. teach myself how to correctly roll out
  16. try a vegan diet for two weeks
  17. figure the best routine for my skincare (3/1/2018)
  18. try out soulcycle
  19. have a spa day
  20. drink 64oz of water every day for at least one week

travel (11/101)

  1. get & use a passport
  2. go abroad/visit another continent
  3. go to europe
  4. visit a country i never thought i would go to
  5. visit a national park
  6. take an out of state sister trip
  7. visit NY at christmas
  8. visit the white house
  9. ride a segway
  10. do a roadtrip with friends
  11. visit 5 new museums

career/blog (16/101)

  1. go to a blog conference
  2. get to intern in a field i am passionate about
  3. make more blog videos on youtube
  4. partner with a big brand
  5. switch to wordpress.org
  6. reach 1,000 followers on instagram
  7. learn how to animate and edit videos well
  8. create a new media kit
  9. start a blog newsletter
  10. get a tripod
  11. take a trip and document all of it for the blog
  12. be featured on a blog/website i admire
  13. organize all of my pinterest boards
  14. organize all of my computer files
  15. continuously keep up my blog
  16. update my resume (1/5/2018)

shopping (8/101)

  1. buy a louis vuitton purse (5/10/2018)
  2. upgrade to a new iphone – in a few years
  3. invest in a chanel bag
  4. buy a pair of designer shoes
  5. purchase a silk pillowcase
  6. get a perfect carry-on bag
  7. buy a corkboard to organize important pictures
  8. upgrade my camera to something a little bigger

misc. (33/101)

  1.  vote!
  2. inspire someone to start a blog
  3. buy coffee for the person in line behind me
  4. host a brunch
  5. read 15 new books (frankenstein, beloved, hamlet,
  6. organize my closet by color and season
  7. make a font with my handwriting
  8. listen to 6 books on audio in 6 months
  9. learn how to do winged eyeliner
  10. get a gel manicure
  11. do a declutter challenge
  12.  help a stranger in need.
  13. eat at a michelin star restaurant
  14. learn how to tie a bowtie
  15. perfect my curls ( 4/12/2018) *post coming soon!*
  16. turn 18 (5/2/2018)
  17. volunteer more regularly
  18. continue practicing my spanish
  19. contribute to an emergency fund/incase of a rainy day
  20. get into journaling
  21. try 5 new restaurants (the ivy santa monica {dec. 30, 2017}, terroni DTLA {jan. 21, 2018}, sqirl {feb. 10, 2018}, the butcher’s daughter {mar. 16, 2018}, joan’s on third {mar. 30, 2018})
  22. build up my closet with clothes i love
  23. send birthday cards to my friends
  24. begin writing a story
  25. reduce the waste i use in day to day life
  26. try 5 new foods
  27. watch a tv show without binging it
  28. update the contacts on my phone
  29. continue bullet journaling to organize my life
  30. make as many blog posts as i can about things on this list
  31. ice skate and/or play in snow
  32. finish 101 in 1001/donate $1 for every uncompleted task
  33. come up with a 3rd 101 in 1001 list!



kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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