M&MH in 2018

hey all!

since we are in january 2018, and as i mentioned in my last post, 2018 will be a busy year, i kinda wanted to talk about my blog plans for 2018.

2018 is a huge deal for me because i think that 2017 was a big time to grow for me and especially for the blog. i seriously got into a swing of things – and after i truly found my blog aesthetic (which was in the summer) i actually totally fell in LOVE with my blog and decided to go all in with every post, no matter how long it takes me, because i am more interested in my blog looking beautiful 24/7 than posting more often.

so here we go:

#1: continue making beautiful content

i believe that i make some beautiful content, whether if it is my posts (my physical articles), graphics or images, just keeping my content stunning and following my aesthetic. of course, this may mean that in busy times, blog posts will either go down to 1-2 times/week instead of three (or even four!) but i promise the content will be high-quality content that will keep you coming back into the whole new year!

#2: more outfit posts

i love putting together outfits, and shockingly enough (for a fashion blogger) i do not have that many clothes – because i wear a uniform from monday-friday – and when i am not wearing a uniform i am wearing pajamas, leggings or gym shorts. but when i get dressed up for brunch, parties, events and such and such i look cute and dress up, but for some reason i am too scared to ask other people to take pictures of me because i am afraid they wil judge, or not really understand what they are supposed to do. so lets make 2018 a year of outfit posts!

#3: working on blog photos

as i mentioned before, i am kinda afraid to ask people to take my picture. i almost always do well with graphics because i am a total graphic nerd and that’s my strong suit, but photos are harder for me. i believe i have a pretty good eye, but i have extremely shaky hands and not fantastic equipment – which makes for a terrible combination. but this year, i plan to go out of my way to help myself, and make my photos better. i will be taking many digital classes and learning how i can do better.

#4: continuing into my personal style

macarons and must-haves used to be a preppy fashion blog, but i wouldn’t exactly call myself a ‘prepster’ anymore. i don’t go for specifically lilly pulitzer, vineyard vines and  sperry topsiders yet i will still go for a colorful shift dress every so often, so look for my ever-changing style to be shared more often for you all.

#5: more lifestyle/health/fitness content as i strengthen my own health

like always resolutions somehow always include health, whether its how i eat, how i exercise or how i grapple with both, and this year i will be unveiling my resolutions on january 7th (this sunday!) so you can check out then, but since june 2017 i have been a little more health conscious, whether its about food or exercise i have been in it, recognizing bad behaviors, and reprimanding them and celebrating the good/healthy behaviours. this year i would love to share personal health journey stuff as i become more excercise conscious as opposed to being food conscious!

let me know what you are looking forward to this year – and if you are excited for anything on M&MH in 2018!

thanks for reading!

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