My 2018 Resolutions

hey all!

gee i have made these awhile ago, but i hadn’t had the time yet to share them with you! it has kinda become a tradition here on macarons and must haves to share my resolutions every year – it kinda keeps me together, forcing me to at least keep them – or try to keep them.

so why not just start!:

#1: try new things

i am a wuss. i have a serious fear to go to start programs/other stuff like that because i don’t think i will find someone who i know, and that kinda scares me. but i actually learned through my experience as a tournament of roses student ambassador (even though a few of my classmates did it with me!) some of my events were with people i didn’t know, and i actually meshed with them really well because we had things in common! i actually found it much easier than i previously thought, so that is one thing i would love to try doing!

#2: keep a healthy attitude (both physically and mentally!)

we all get down sometimes and its easy to get down on yourself, because you didn’t get that opportunity, or you didn’t succeed like the way you expected or wanted to do. this year i would love to keep a healthy attitude. by this, i mean mentally, keeping positive about myself, the things i cannot change and the circumstances in which i find myself in, and physically i would like to stay on a good path. i have found a great workout routine and by reading many bloggers i have learned about intuitive eating and i would definitely love to think this way about eating because i believe its a healthier attitude than i have about food now.

#3: get mad organized

its not like i am not organized, i live and die by my bullet journal: i plan my weeks like crazy, by the hour and day, i live by my workout schedule, and i also just love my google calendar. its not like i forget things (as often as i used to) but man you should walk in and see my room. my makeup counter is almost always a mess (because i literally run out of my house still putting on my makeup), i literally have clothes sprawled around my room (i usually just pick them up on saturday mornings) and my desk is full of letters and nice notes from friends and all of my school books. this year, as i plan to move out to college, i would like to get all of my stuff organized before i leave so when i come back

#4: reduce stress/anxiety & be calmer!!

this impossible goal is the thing i actually would love to change the most. i have totally realized this year has been so much harder because of stress and like after school all i have wanted to is sleep/watch netflix but it’s really not okay and since i have been running and exercising and eating better for my body my stress has actually gone down but then school gets harder and all i wanna do is eat sour patch kids which makes me feel worse because all of that sugar! this year i really wanna attempt meditation and use the app headspace because i believe it would be so helpful for me especially with all of the stress of senior year

enjoy all!


kwe monogram


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